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 What began as a simple "class project" between two high school friends printing t-shirts, in a basement, with a used manual press, has evolved into a multi-million dollar full-service promotional products company right in the heart of Southern Illinois.

 Silkworm, inc., now located in a 32,000 square foot facility and equipped with state of the art presses, machinery and 65 dedicated team members, is the region's leader in custom graphic design, promotional products, embroidered apparel, banners, signage, awards, and of course, printed t-shirts.

 Silkworm’s success is attributed to quality end products, competitive pricing, on time delivery, cutting edge graphics and attention to detail.  The real secret, which is no secret to thousands of satisfied Silkworm customers, is ACS Awesome Customer Service. With professionals at every level of the business, Silkworm empowers their team members to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. "We want to not only meet, but exceed, our customers' expectations," Bob Chambers, President.

 Silkworm’s commitment to its customers is not confined to the 32,000 square foot of block and mortar it calls "home" as evidenced in its local and regional involvement. Everywhere you look you see Silkworm apparel, promotional products, banners and sponsorships throughout our Southern Illinois communities. The commitment to the communities they serve is unswerving.